Loose Ends Festival

Loose Ends is everything garage, punk, post-punk and wave. Collaborating with the partners who know what good music and good fun is, we bring you the best and most in your face legends of the scene and up and coming bands we think you should see.


Do you like music more than you like your friends? Have you been rocking out at the Casbah at Best Kept Secret this year? If so, Loose Ends Festival is looking for you!


Below you will find the different functions. Click to read more.

chevron-gradient Ticketscanner

Besides giving out the wristbands in exchange for the visitor`s ticket, you can look at all the exciting faces of these fresh festival visitors.

chevron-gradient Eco-team

Where there’s a party, there’s trash. We want to take care of our environment and keep the festival site clean. You’ll dance around the site with a trash bag and clean up the mess that’s been made. Let’s take care of our planet!

chevron-gradient Locker-coördinator

To keep valuables safe, lockers can be rent at the entrance. You’ll help out with handing out the lockers.

chevron-gradient Stagehands

You have seen our line-up, and you know there’s a lot of cool stuff to listen to. These artists might need some help. The stage managers will give you instructions to help out at the stages.

chevron-gradient Flex

You never know where your help is needed, but it’s very much needed. Life’s a surprise, right?

What we offer you

You get festival access back for working on a 4-hour shift. When you work two shifts, the meal is provided within your working hours.

Between 11:30 and 23:00 there are various four-hour shifts per shift.